10 simple Anita Nderu photography poses

Anita Nderu has a dope style and her poses were natural on this day. Her photogenic nature was extremely helpful because we had a very short time to shoot this set at Nusu Nusu Studios for Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation. I have shared a few photography poses that I captured on that day for your consideration. We took many pictures but I have picked a few from the folder.


Nikon d7100 with 85mm f1.8

Photographer: Erick Vateta

anita nderu photos

Anita Nderu fashion

Anita Nderu


Posing a fashion model can be tricky and that’s why I have compiled a few tips that can change your photography game.

  • Create a poses reference list. This will make the shoot easy and fun because you will be trying new styles after every click. I get my poses from Pinterest and Instagram. I usually download or screenshot model poses that are inspiring.
  • Break the ice. It’s important to strike a conversation with the model or client before the shoot to avoid awkward moments in the middle of the shoot. Establishing communication is a crucial step in getting the most out of your subject.
  • Start with simple poses. Take the first few minutes to capture casual poses of the model standing, standing, and walking.
  • Aim for the natural look. Ideally, it’s important to pay attention to the way the model is standing. To portray confidence they have to keep their body straight. If they slouch all the time, they will end up looking awkward no matter what position their arms and legs assume.
  • When you are taking full-body photos, ask your model to bend one of the knees slightly while standing. As for the arms, you can have them put their hands somewhere around their waist as a starting point. If their hands are in the air, have at least one of their elbows arch a bit.
  • Avoid fists that show anger
  • Raise the chin up




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