April 5, 2020

5 tips to get flawless skin even if you pulled an all nighter

Do you have a great roommate that you get deep into stories you end up forgetting you need your beauty sleep or you have deadlines you are trying to meet, so you find yourself working overtime and you need that flawless skin. well, I’m going to give some tips on how  to make you look flawless and beautiful the morning after one of them.

   1. Facial Scrub

 Facial scrub makes your skin feel beautiful and soft so start your morning by scrubbing away dead skin cells. Pick a facial scrub with soft exfoliating particles and with minty scent, the smell will help you wake up. The scrub will help you have that glowing skin and that’s what we going for, that youthful face.


Maintaining the water content of the skin is crucial for healthy skin, dry skin is a beauty no-no


The last thing you want under your eyes is something cakey and can be seen easily. A smooth concealer and blendable can be your savior when you need a short beauty fix. Use your concealer to fully cover the dark circles under your eyes after an all nighter.

  4.Color lip balm

Nothing makes you look like you have it all like a bright lippie does when you are tired. Opt for a color lip balm that has a moisturizer to avoid dry lips



 We need that face snatched and to look radiant, bronzer makes your face glow and look healthy. For that appearance of flawless skin, a bronzer is an added advantage.

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