Coke takes a risk on a live music streamer BeApp

Coke studio

Coke is planning to get in people’s homes and daily lives during the pandemic after partnering with a live streaming app known as BeApp. This comes after live venues and festivals remain closed and Streaming live concerts are now a trend because artists have switched to engaging their fans on live-streaming apps like Facebook. And this trend might be here for long making the demand for streaming services to hit the roof.

A few weeks ago Nyashinski hosted a live concert and it became extremely popular across all the social platforms. The live stream on Instagram attracted more than 7,000 viewers. The artist proceeded to deliver a stunning performance of his notable hits as well as new songs of his upcoming album dubbed ‘Lucky You’.

Coca-Cola is betting on Beapp to launch Coke Studio sessions which will feature live performances from more than 100 artists across the globe, including Katy Perry, Anitta, DJ Khaled, Bebe Rexha, Miguel, Cast of Hamilton and Steve Aoki.

“Coke Studio Sessions marks the official debut of #BeApp, the social live music streaming platform from tech industry veterans Ray Smith and Ross Mason. #BeApp is an immersive, digital destination for fans to enjoy live music in a new way. Unlike other virtual concert platforms, #BeApp will offer a variety of interactive features.” Coke wrote.

Coke is taking a risk on Beapp since it was unveiled a few days ago and it’s challenging the big social media giants like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Facebook. To add on that, a variety of broader music streamers like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music are already doing a good job. The well-established platforms have taken their time to improve their features from the feedback they get from daily users.

Beapp comes with features that will uplift the experience allowing users to unlock additional features the more they interact. In accruing in-app points, users can tap into offerings like “front-row seats,” which prominently display their name and photo during a virtual performance. Other streaming apps also have such features that make it easy for creators to engage with their fans on the app. A good example is YouTube which allows users to tip creators. Spotify also announced that fans are now able to pay artists directly on the app.

Beapp is also receiving mixed reactions from users.

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