April 5, 2020

Date Ideas To Try In Nairobi

Had enough of Netflix and chill with some kawaida food? I know we all can not afford fancy dinners, especially in this festive season. There are so many places you can take your significant other and I’m not talking about the coffee dates because sometimes you have enough of that and want to try something different.

To keep that fire burning in your relationship you need to find unique ways to keep your partner wanting more, Nairobi has full of exciting and cheap places you can visit without breaking your bank. Read on to find more about the places.

 1. Watch the sunset on top of Kenya International Conference Centre.

The view up there is breathtaking, you have a 360-degree view of Nairobi City and its magnificent appearance. Imagine seeing all that using only 200sh

2. Visit Mamba Village

You can be able to see and even take pictures with mamba using as little as 300sh. The bond you will have with your partner because she is afraid to touch baby crocodiles and you have to help her, imagine that.

3.Safari Walk

Having that excuse to hold your spouse’s hand when you’re walking is everything, I would love that. Safari walk is a beautiful place that has different types of animals and the charges are very low starting from 250sh. Buy some bananas and go and feed Monkeys.

4. Visit Kenya National Archives

Get to know more about Kenya. You only pay 50sh to know more about our people.

5.Host a Karaoke in your place

If you are not an outgoing person you can invite your close friends to your house and have fun. Break that monotony.You will thank me later.


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