Importance of having a silk pillowcase

November 7, 2019
Importance of having a silk pillowcase

Importance of having a silk pillowcase

I always thought that having a silk pillowcase was somehow boujee and expensive. That was another different type of luxury I was not going to pressure myself into and my pockets. A silk pillowcase is a little expensive but worth every penny, I know most of us are so used to the cotton pillowcases but that’s where we all go wrong, I was there too in that category where I cant use my money to buy something expensive especially a pillowcase until I schooled myself.

We all can have that one silk pillowcase because it has so many benefits.if you’re not happy with your skin and hair it is because of the materials you are using in your pillowcase.some of your pillowcases may be causing more harm than good,have you ever wonder why your skin is always dry when you wake up even after you moisturized it before you went to bed or why you are breaking out on your cheeks. Cotton pillowcases absorb your skin natural oils leaving it so dry.

Importance of having a silk pillowcase

Silk material is ultra-smooth making the hair and the fabric glide preventing friction and breakage of hair which other fabrics may cause. Cotton fabrics have a coarser texture that can make hair break. Silk materials retain moisture in your hair making it more healthy and bouncy when you wake up.

It is hypoallergenic meaning its great for people with has small spaces that do not allow dust, mold, fungus or other allergens to be trapped. the smoothness of the material makes dust glide and fall off making you wake up with clean and softer skin.
It is a great temperature regulator meaning you won’t have head sweat at night, it ensures perfect body temperature.
Reduces the sleep creases and wrinkles in the near future and gives you a good night’s sleep, who doesn’t want that.

There are plenty of reasons why you need to stop using cotton pillowcases and go for that silk pillowcase.You will not regret. Happy shopping!


Importance of having a silk pillowcase



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