Is Marriage Worth It?

Marriage is a beautiful thing and a blessing from God but it is increasingly cut short by divorce. It is more intimate in that you can have someone to call your own and share deep inner thoughts without fear of judgment. A marriage that lasts over many years a lot happens. Personalities change, bodies age and romance waxes and wanes.No marriage are free of conflict, is how the couple handles that conflict that matters and what they do to keep their romantic spark alive.

The problem arises when your partner wants to add another party to your marriage, a second wife. Some religions allow a man to have more than one wife, most women find it difficult to adjust to the idea that they will be sharing. It is reported that some wives have died due to depression and some committed suicide after the husband married a second wife.
Some women find this a blessing in disguise like a Tanzanian woman. Zainab Abdallah a District commissioner finds having a co-wife a blessing. The idea of a second wife came from her because she felt she was not doing enough as a wife. She went ahead and welcomed her co-wife asking God to be with them so that they live with their husband for good.
Before you throw in the towel ask yourself if your marriage is worth saving.

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