Kids in West Pokot love this game. Humanitarian Photography

I got an opportunity to play with the friendliest kids in West Pokot. It was a cold evening and few people could be seen on the hilly roads of Sigor sub-county. The region has many seasonal rivers that flow down the hills after a downpour. On this day we had visited Simbol’s family to celebrate her daughter’s graduation. The whole village was happy since young girls rarely go to school in West Pokot. The few that manage to attend classes don’t finish high school. But they get married at a very young age.

Global Give Circle and Versatile Photographers invited me to share the stories of young girls who are changing the narrative in the community and inspiring other young girls. Ideally, Global Give Back Circle supports the talent of women globally, through a Mentorship Program designed to help at-risk girls continue their education and embrace economic freedom. I will share the full project on the blog. Now let’s get back to the playing kids. Simbol’s grandkids took me to this road where we found other kids playing on the water. Apparently, this is a dope game for them. Walking and running against moving water. Others were racing across the river.

Kids in West Pokot

The best part was when kids from other regions came and the whole place turned into a mini-stadium. Spectators were on the sides cheering the OGs running on water. I didn’t capture the whole session because my camera ran out of charge but I will never forget this day. Other kids who didn’t like the water were throwing stones at anthills.

West Pokot has beautiful mountains and epic ranges that can be used to make dope movies. These give people fantastic and unique scenery with superb ranges like Cherangani, Chemerongit, and Sekerr. Most towns in the region are silent. You can see very few on the road because people are either on the farm or at home. The twin towns of Makutano and Kapenguria where its economic and political life don’t have many tourists and this is a great opportunity for local tourists to explore this beautiful land located in the Western part of the country.


Kids in West Pokot

Photography by Erick Vateta

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