Make 3 Healthy Meals in 15 mins!





•150gms of Instant Oats

•100ml natural yogurt

•100gms of strawberries

•50gms of raisins

•20gms of sesame seeds

•20gms of flax seeds

•1-2 bananas

•100ml of water

•1 scoop of whey protein (optional)

PROCEDURE: Blend all ingredients in a blender and more water to reduce thickness of smoothie.


•1kg boneless chicken (chopped in strips)

•1pcs onion

•1pcs garlic

•1bunch of dhania/coriander

•20gms/2tbs of soy sauce

•20gms/2tbs of oyster sauce

•20gms/2tbs of sweet chilli sauce

•10gms/1tbs of flax seeds

•10gms/1tbs of sesame seeds

•20ml/2tbs of olive oil

•Salt and pepper to taste

•1 pkt of mixed vegetables (chopped carrots, french beans and broccoli- you can buy ready cut of the shelf in the supermarket)

•1 cup of rice


•Blend onion, garlic, coriander and add soy, oyster, sweet chilli sauce,10ml olive oil, salt and pepper (to taste), marinate chicken strips in mixture and set aside for 20-30mins min.

•Cook 1 cup of rice in a pot set aside

•Stir fry mixed vegetable with soy sauce and oyster sauce for 5-10mins in a pot.

•In a pan add 10ml of olive oil and cook chicken strips for 10mins, stir continuosly.

•NB. Set aside 1/3 of the cooked chicken strips to serve with dinner. DINNER: INGREDIENTS

•1/3 cooked chicken

•50gms of raisins

•100gms of strawberries

•10gms of flax seeds

•1 pkt of lettuce leaves


•In a big bowl mix all the ingredients above and add salt, pepper and 1tsp of olive oil to the salad.

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