Most Beautiful Streets in Nairobi City – Portrait Video Sony a6500

Rahel Okbay would like to show you the most beautiful streets in Nairobi city. Some of the streets in Nairobi have been painted making the city blazing with amazing an amazing cityscape. I shot the video on Sony a6500 with Sony 35mm f1.8 lens.

The camera performed well but I am still not comfortable with the 120 frames when you slow it down. In some cases, the final footage was a little mechanical/murky on the edges. The lens was great and the follow focus works.

The equipment I used in this video are available at Cameras Africa.

Rahel Okbay

Rahel Okbay

I don’t own the songs used in this cinematic portrait video.

The songs are inspired by Rob Strok’s travel film UNPLANNED ADVENTURES | DUBAI, OMAN, NYC.

I also used Hakuna Matata song by Stella Mwangi

Try Epidemic Sound for free –

Epidemic Sound, Droeloe, Alan Walker, Illenium, Dabin, Taska Black

Thank you for watching the portrait video

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