April 5, 2020

Must have travel essential

Who doesn’t like to travel, be it its for work or pleasure? Traveling is a fun experience, you get to see and taste exotic things, your limit is expanded but we know when it comes down to packing and knowing the travel essential it’s kinda hectic, from choosing what to carry and what not to carry can give you a headache. Knowing rules and laws that apply to different countries will help you in packing, for instance, plastic bags are banned in Kenya meaning you have to find ways to carry your personal items.

   Below are some travel essentials you will need when traveling.

1.The right travel bag.

A good quality bag is a must. You need something that is easy to carry, flexible and sufficient room to carry all your essentials.

2.Travel wallet

 To safeguard your documents carry a travel wallet that will be able to hold your Id, passport, credit cards, cash, health and travel insurance, tickets, hotel keys cards, etc because you’ll likely be bringing along more than your everyday wallet can hold. it’s extra important to stay organized and most importantly to keep your travel document safe from harm. 

3.Travel pillow

You need proper head and neck support and improvement in comfort and safety in that 8-hour flight. Despite them being bulky it helps with your traveling making it less stressful and painful.

4.Travel charger

 Using your phone without worrying about it dying and being able to charge it wherever you are is everything. Always have a charger or power bank to make sure your phone battery is always full.


Never rely on your phone camera because of space and the battery life, always carry your camera to capture all the good memories

6.A travel set of toiletries

Always travel with your toiletries, never assume you will buy them in the stores when you land.some of the toiletries are, a body wash, shampoo, deodorant,shaving kit, toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, travel towel, body lotion, feminine products, etc

7.Travel adapter

This is another lifesaver essential you wouldn’t want to travel without .keeps all tech stuff charged and ready to go.

8.Portable Bluetooth speaker

They are super fit and easy to carry, they come in handy when you are having a party or barbecue with your friends.you will never regret carrying it.

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