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I miss the days we used to send letters and call the people we love after queuing for long hours in a telephone booth. Anyway, I’m not that old but I used this ‘nusu ya kuonana’ system of communication at some point then they disappeared.

These days you can stalk strangers and even extract their hidden photos on the internet. This is made possible by PimEyes, an engine that’s able to find people with similar faces. Get information, where those faces appear online. The engine has the ability to search your face on news articles, blogs, social media, and more. Within a few seconds, it provides results showing other photos found that match the person and links to where those portraits were found.

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Ideally, PimEyes analyses a good number of websites to provide the most accurate search results. The company provides that they do not save the search images and they protect people’s protection on the platforms. They market their service as a tool to protect the privacy and the misuse of images. But there’s no guarantee that someone will upload their own face, making it equally powerful for anyone trying to stalk someone else. The company did not respond to a request for comment.


There’s another app that works the same way as the Pim but it’s used by law enforcement agencies to identify perpetrators and victims of crimes. Clearview has faced controversy because it was selling its Artificial Intelligence to private companies and non-law enforcement entities. PimEyes is doing the same thing but it’s free.

On the other end, Google has a face search thing that can find photos similar in appearance to images you provide, but PimEyes specifically uses facial recognition and can accept multiple reference photos to find images of specific individuals.

The weirdest part about PimEyes is the fact that you can pay for a premium account at $10 for one alert or $15/month for up to 25 — on the service and get alerts every time a similar face is found.

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