Vogue Challenge and How To Make Your Own Cover #Voguechallenge

Vogue challenge

There are two ‘Vogue challenges’ running on Twitter and TikTok where users attempt to create their own Vogue magazine front covers. We didn’t want to be left in the dark since we have a library of photos in our folders. I picked a few photos that were saved on my laptop then uploaded them on photoshop to add the logos.

Photography by Erick Vateta


Vogue Challenge

Vogue Challenge


Vogue Challenge is the newest thing in town for creators who would like their work to be viewed by a good number of users. Video makers can use the tag on TikTok to explore the trend. The videos should capture a celebrity lifestyle or an artistic angle in color grading the way Vogue does on their covers.

The trend on TikTok started a few weeks ago and users make videos that show the body of one person along with the legs of another. For users to participate in this challenge, they must take the help of another person as it requires two people for making this challenge video. To make the video, one has to act as the ‘legs’ and the other as the person. More often, this is a man and a woman to give the impression of a man with women’s legs.

I am going to share a few tips that will help you post your first video on TikTok. The cover video is not complicated but you need to know your way around the app. The first step is to shoot some footage of yourself in any location. But since people are in isolation it’s better you shoot the videos in your own house or compound.

To add more details on the TikTok videos, you can add dope photos with your Sunday best clothes and then edit the photos with text, including the Vogue logo to make the photo look like a fresh cover of Vogue magazine. Some simply do this to one image and then transition from the home footage to the Vogue cover, while others have gone further by producing multiple different Vogue covers and then cutting away to the medley of photos for added effect.

Create your TikTok video using the following steps:

  • Place the camera swiftly on the sofa
  • The man will lie down on the sofa or floor on your stomach facing the camera
  • The woman should sleep on the back of the man on her back. The leg must be near the face.
  • Then start making the video as per the reference video given below

The trend on Twitter is not as complicated as the one TikTok. Users are simply sharing their Vogue front cover images and not a video. Use Photoshop to add PNG logos on the photos so that you don’t compromise on the quality of the photos. If you would like to know how to place logos behind your photos on Photoshop watch this tutorial.

Use this tag #VogueChallenge


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